Snow Day

Snow days rarely happen in Vancouver, but when they do, we make sure students and teachers can still connect using learning technology. Find out why Mattermost and Collaborate Ultra are great tools to use in the event of a snow day!

Snow Day Technologies

Snow day? Snow problem. The two applications we recommend for the next campus closure are Mattermost and Collaborate Ultra. Mattermost is a real-time chat application for teaching, learning, and building a sense of community. Collaborate Ultra is a real-time video conferencing tool that acts as a virtual classroom. In the event of a campus closure, combining these two technologies can definitely make up for lost time.

Introducing Mattermost: team chat for teaching, learning, and community


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Mattermost is a real-time messaging application for connecting students, teams, and teachers at UBC. A primary benefit of Mattermost is that it can help foster a sense of community. Giving students an academic platform to directly communicate with their classmates, TAs, and instructors is important within any online learning environment. Asking questions, seeking clarification, giving advice, and supporting others has never been easier with Mattermost.

Mattermost is fully integrated with CWL, open source, and compliant with FIPPA. If you are interested in using Mattermost for your class, please request a Mattermost team using this form.

Introducing Collaborate Ultra: a modern, browser-based web conferencing solution




Collaborate Ultra is a web-based solution to online web conferencing or classroom teaching. This application allows for real-time presentations, meetings, collaborations, or any sort of group work. With classroom features such as raising hands, polling, a whiteboard, and the ability to share slides, Collaborate Ultra is the perfect virtual alternative to a physical classroom.

Collaborate is integrated with Canvas, and easy to add to any course shell. As the screenshot below shows:

1) Click Settings in your course menu.
2) Click the Navigation tab at the top.
3) Select Collaborate Ultra and enable it or drag it up with the other tools.
4) Click Save!

Now your course has a Collaborate Ultra virtual classroom. Please note that Collaborate works best in Chrome or Firefox.

Help for Moderators:
Help for Participants:

How to add Collaborate Ultra to a Canvas course shell