Mattermost Chat

Introducing Mattermost: team chat for teaching, learning, and community

Mattermost is secure private messaging for courses, teams, and learning communities at UBC. It is an open source team chat technology similar to Slack or Microsoft Teams. It is a transformative communication and collaboration technology, combining threaded discussions with real-time chat in an intuitive and flexible way. Features like persistent history, advanced search capability, file sharing, typing status, mobile apps, and emoji reactions add up to a versatile tool that is still easy to use.

Team chat is for anytime communication: any time, any device. Anytime doesn’t mean all the time. You set your availability and customize your own notification preferences.

Research shows how timely interactions with instructors, collaboration with classmates, and a sense of community can enhance teaching and learning. This is particularly important in an online learning environment. Team chat gives students a direct communication channel to their instructor and each other, helping them connect, ask questions, seek clarification, collaborate, and build community.

Mattermost users co-create a demo space.

Mattermost is fully supported as a learning technology and is available for use in any credit course.

Click here to request a Mattermost team (link)

It is also available to support teaching and learning outside of courses. Mattermost has supported many unique use cases for learning communities in the Faculty of Education. You can read about how others use Mattermost on the Mattermost Education Case Studies page.

This service is fully integrated with CWL and keeps your class list up to date. It is FIPPA-compliant. The application server is hosted at UBC and uploaded files are stored on Amazon S3 in Canada.

Mattermost is an open source project, which means we were able to pilot it ourselves for two years without signing a contract or paying a licensing fee. We learned a lot during the pilot about many effective use cases for team chat in education.


All questions regarding this technology can be directed to or we can be contacted by phone at 604.822.6333, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Questions about the Mattermost pilot project (now complete!) can be directed to Ian Linkletter.