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Academic Integrity in the Online Classroom: Traditional Practices and New Challenges

Viewpoints Discussion Series

Wednesday, April 21 | 1PM - 2PM

This session will focus on academic integrity in the online classroom. Within a classroom, student accountability and monitoring can be important. Traditionally, this may have been through taking attendance, monitoring in exams, checking in on student conversations. In the online classroom, this can be complicated – some instructors have opted to use proctoring services, alternative assessments, analytics, or a reconceptualization on what needs to be monitored in the classroom. What are your thoughts on academic integrity in the online learning environment?

Academic Integrity in the Online Classroom: Traditional Practices and New Challenges

Dr. Shawna Faber, Associate Professor of Teaching, ECPS

Louai Rahal, PhD Student


Meghan McMillen, Learning Designer, ETS


Beyond Canvas: Blended Learning Models

Friday, May 21 | 11AM - 12PM

Explore the landscape of merging modalities in online learning beyond basic synchronous or asynchronous designs. Learn how flexible, flipped, inquiry-based learning and open education practices can inform your pedagogy.

Facilitators: Shur Lim + Helen DeWaard

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