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Workshops to support teaching and learning online

Join us for virtual workshops that will introduce you to our supported learning technologies and learning design principles.

Find uniquely tailored support to help you adapt your course for the online environment and prepare you for teaching online. Our workshops are especially for instructors and staff in the Faculty of Education.

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Canvas One-on-One

Wednesday, May 25 | 1pm - 2pm

Receive one-on-one support for all your questions about setting up and teaching online with Canvas (UBC’s primary all-in-one platform for delivering online courses) and other learning technology tips and tricks. This session will ensure that you get a chance to have your questions answered and receive personalized support from an ETS staff member. Come ready with any questions you may have about Canvas!

Note: This event will be held online on Zoom.

Facilitators: Meghan McMillen + Naomi Sawai
Co-facilitator: Aryan Varma

Learning Design Buffet

Wednesday, June 8 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Thursday, June 9 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm

This session will cover time-tested strategies for improving the student experience in digital learning spaces and will empower you with resources to meet your students’ needs. We’ve offered 2 dates for more flexibility – we look forward to providing you with 1-on-1 support!

Facilitators: Simone Hausknecht + Faeyza Mufti

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