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Photo Gallery

TEC Expo, or Technology Enhanced Classroom Expo, was created so faculty, students, staff, and guests can learn from each other. Each year we bring the Faculty of Education community together in the Scarfe foyer to share our biggest success stories and challenges when it comes to teaching with technology. This year was our fifth annual TEC Expo, and thanks to all the presenters and the staff in PDCE and ETS it was a success! We had a total of 21 different presenters, with topics ranging from a web conference platform for online lectures called Collaborate Ultra to an assessment application for student feedback called ComPAIR.

Our first day explored pedagogical tips such as how to use information retrieved from Canvas analytics to understand student engagement and improve instructional design. We were also happy to welcome back the Emerging Media lab (EML), and this year they presented both virtual and augmented reality. With the Stanley Park Virtual Field Trip
you could walk through Stanley Park, using the controller to select a point ahead of you and teleport there. You could spin around to view the full 360 environment, and even pick up 3D objects. To allow users to explore augmented reality, EML also presented HoloBrain. Why get all messy when you can dissect a brain virtually? Whether you are an instructor at the Faculty of Medicine at UBC or just interested in human biology, HoloBrain is intended to be a useful teaching tool in neuroanatomy instruction. We were also happy to welcome a virtual presenter, Yifeng Wei, who could not be in Vancouver for the event. Wei presented Teach Mental Health: An Online Mental Health Literacy Professional Development Opportunity for Educators.Teach Mental Health is an online course for pre-service teachers to educate them
about mental health and mental illness.

Our second day presentations were more hands-on. Cédric Lejeune presented the micro:bit – a tiny, programmable computer to make learning STEM fun. At his table, you could play a operation-esque game moving a conductive loop through a wire without touching it. If the loop touched the wire, the circuit would be complete and a buzzer would go off. If you stopped by Zoe Lawler’s booth you could also try hand weaving, by either making your own creation or contributing to a large project. Weaving teaches fine motor skills and draws from indigenous knowledge, which can be a fun classroom project. Other educational tools featured included Softron Answer Forms. that helps educators save time by auto-marking any test in PDF or word.

Thank you to all the presenters and attendees for making TEC Expo 2018 a success! We hoped you learned about new technology and how it can be used to facilitate teaching and learning, and started some constructive conversations about pedagogy.

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