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Photo Gallery

On July 6th and 7th 2016, faculty, staff and students from the UBC Faculty of Education and beyond filled the Neville Scarfe foyer for our third annual Technology Enhanced Classroom Expo. Each year, our event aims to celebrate innovations and achievements in the use of learning technologies in the FoE. We strive to encourage, connect, and engage communities of teachers and learners across UBC with tech-enhanced approaches to pedagogy and course designs. This year’s event was a success with over 25 presenters and facilitators showcasing their work through either interactive presentations or hands-on maker stations. Attendees on our opening day discovered how technologies ranging from automated transmediation to Connect integrated CLAS or Collaborate can transform online learning. Participants had the opportunity to explore Google Collaboration tools, delve into the world of Virtual Reality, and better understand the potential of tech tools such as Lightboard, video conferencing, and the Scarfe Digital Sandbox (just to name a few). Attendees were able to meet members of the faculty who shared interests and educational goals, and presenters engaged browsing guests with the potential of the technologies that they are passionate about. To kick off the afternoon, we began with a segment called ’60 Seconds of Fame’, where each presenter summarized their presentations on our stage in one minute or less. This provided attendees with an overview of the technologies that each booth would be exploring, and gave every presentation its time in the spotlight. Presenters proudly showcased their work with PowerPoints, demonstrations, and videos as they tried to finish quickly before the clock ran out! Our second event day was Educational Maker Day, focusing on technological or creative making that has valuable applications to the classroom environment. Facilitators dove right into their hands-on demonstrations, drawing attendees into their stations to learn how to weave, create a self-portrait, experiment with robots and circuit boards, and code offline. Throughout the afternoon, Faculty, staff and students alike crowded around the wide variety of booths to explore everything from an augmented reality sandbox, to learning with food, to the art of collage-making, and much more. Maker Day held something for everyone, and provided many event-goers with a new skill or project idea to take away with them to the classroom and beyond. Some attendees participated in our first-ever Maker Day video contest, where they could tweet a video of the event to #TECexpo2016 for a chance to win. Our lucky prize winner went away with 50 dollars to the UBC Bookstore and Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses! Thank you to our presenters and attendees for making this event a great success. On both days, the Scarfe hallways were busy and eager as participants shared ideas, explored new applications for learning technology, gained hands-on experience with innovative pedagogy, and were inspired to further the achievements of technology-enhanced learning within our faculty. Congratulations to everyone who participated in TEC Expo 2016. We hope to see you again next year!
Check out the 2016 TEC Expo Day 1 in 360 degree video!

Check out the 2016 TEC Expo Maker Day in 360 degree video!

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