Sharing video in Canvas using Kaltura

Upload recordings to your Canvas course

Using the Rich Content Editor

  1. Log in to your Canvas course. In Canvas, any place that has a Rich Content Editor like a page, assignment or announcement can have a video embedded.
  2. In any Rich Content Editor, click on the rainbow sun Kaltura Media button (see below), and select the video you would like to embed. This will upload the video to Kaltura and place it in your content, once you save.
    Select the Embed Kaltura Media button in the Canvas Rich Text Editor to upload a video file.

Using the Media Gallery

  1. Log in to your Canvas course, and choose Media Gallery from the course sidebar. If you are do not see the Media Gallery option:
    • Go to Settings in the course sidebar.
    • Select the Navigation tab.
    • Find the Media Gallery menu item, click the cog (gear) icon, and choose Enable.
    • Click Save at the bottom of the page to update the course sidebar.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Select Media Upload.
  4. Click Choose a file to upload.
  5. Select the file you wish to upload from the file manager.
  6. Give the file a name, description, and any desired tags.
  7. Select the proper permission from the Copyright Permissions drop-down menu.
  8. Click Save.

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This work, “Sharing video in Canvas using Kaltura”, is a derivative of “Lectures” on a website created by CTLT, used under CC BY. “Sharing video in Canvas using Kaltura” is licensed under CC BY-NC by ETS.