We work with faculty members, sessional instructors, graduate students, teaching assistants, and other members of the Faculty of Education’s instructional community in order to find creative solutions to problems arising in teaching and learning, support innovations in teaching practices, and assist instructors in exploring different pedagogical models. There are three major areas in which we are active:

Instructional Design and Curriculum Support

In consultation with faculty members, departments, and units, we assist in conducting program and course analyses in order to assist educators in making informed decisions about needed investments, both pedagogical and technological, within their courses and programs. We provide instructional support and expertise in the design, development, and implementation of face-to-face, mixed-mode, and fully online courses and programs, offering advice and recommendations on best practices, different teaching and learning models, and educational technologies. We collaborate with department heads and faculty members to develop program and course curricula. We are available to consult on curriculum mapping and alignment, course design, and the integration of research and teaching.

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Faculty & Staff Professional Development

We provide regularly scheduled workshops, seminars, and presentations that serve to:

  • Foster discussion around teaching methods and approaches;
  • Provide a faculty-led forum for knowledge- and experience-sharing on best practices in teaching and learning;
  • Facilitate dialogue amongst faculty members by developing and maintaining communities of practice; and
  • Assist instructors in learning about and adopting new learning technologies.

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Learning Technologies

We provide support both for the integration of learning technologies and technologically innovative teaching. We can provide guidance to instructors looking to use or refine their use of learning management systems (Connect), web-conferencing, blogs, wikis, and other technologies. Additionally, we also provide multimedia development services, including photography, videography, and web and interactive design.

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