Learning Technology Sessions

iste-2 iste-3 workshop

Creating Content in Connect

Learn how to create content in Connect. Use the editor to add images and media, and organize your lessons so that students can easily find what they need.

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Communication Online

There are many ways for you and your students to communicate online, both asynchronously and in real-time. Find out what works best for you and your course.

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Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR)

Use the Library Online Course Reserve to make sure all your students have access to the course readings at any time.

iste-3 iste-4 workshop


Wondering about using a video in the classroom, an image in your online content? Learn about copyright basics and the ways you can be sure you are not breaking copyright law.

iste-2 iste-4 workshop

Evaluation and Assessment Online

Let Connect help you with receiving assignments, administering and calculating grades, providing feedback and keeping organized.

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Using Collaborate

Use Collaborate to connect with off-campus students, conduct virtual meetings or defences, or give students an online space to interact with one another.

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Orientation to Learning Technologies

At the beginning of the fall term, we will once again be offering two Orientations to Learning Technologies! Registration open now.

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Activities and Engagement Online

Wondering how to keep students engaged and interested in course content even when they are not with you in the classroom?

iste-1 iste-2 iste-3 iste-4 workshop

Creating Videos Using Camtasia (Windows)

Intended for faculty or staff who are interested in creating powerful and engaging rich media presentations online using Camtasia software.

iste-1 iste-3 iste-4 workshop

Mash-up Tools

Learn about how to incorporate audio, video, slideshows and more into various parts of your Connect course. Allow your students to develop their multiliteracy skills.

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Collaboration Online

Being an effective group member is important for today’s job market. Use the available collaboration tools in Connect to allow your students to develop those skills.

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Teaching with iPads

Have an iPad but don’t know how to apply it to your teaching? Learn about educational apps that can turn an iPad into a powerful device for the classroom.

iste-1 iste-2 workshop

A Better Alternative to Skype

Discover the high-end web conferencing systems and equipment supported by the Faculty.

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Connect Basics

Introduction to UBC’s Learning Management System, Connect. Learn the basics, from how to log in and make your course available to students, to who to contact for help.

iste-1 iste-2 iste-5 workshop

Tracking Student Performance Online

Learn about how to evaluate student performance, participation and engagement in Connect at this workshop.

iste-2 iste-4 workshop

Accessible Web

Online learning has opened the doors for a diversity of students. Make sure your content is created accessible to everyone in a few easy steps.

iste-2 iste-4 workshop

Digital Storytelling

No one can deny the power of storytelling. Can you turn your lesson into one of those exciting and innovative digital stories? Yes, you can.

iste-1 iste-2 iste-3 iste-4 iste-5 workshop

Social Media

To use or not to use social media? Come and learn what Twitter or FaceBook are good for and take the advantage of their mass audience.

iste-1 iste-2 iste-3 iste-4 workshop

Creating Videos Using Camtasia (Mac)

Intended for faculty or staff who are interested in creating powerful and engaging rich media presentations online using Camtasia software on Mac OS X.

Related Links

Open Conversations are public events designed to encourage discussions and ideas about learning technologies.
These presentations usually take place in Scarfe Foyer, and feature students and staff who are enhancing their teaching practice with innovative uses of technology.

The Educators’ Café is a series of faculty-led lunch & learn sessions.

These are opportunities for instructors from Education or other faculties to showcase and discuss innovative teaching practices using educational technologies.

These hour-long events are designed to share successful instructional practices and encourage open discussion among participants.

ETS provides an opportunity for group participation in educational-technology-related webinars offered by other institutions or organizations, such as Educause or New Media Consortium (NMC).

The webinars are followed by facilitated discussion to foster academic discourse on educational technology, its impact on practice, and its application to teaching and learning.

Digital Sandbox Sessions are technology exploration workshops for TCs. They offer a brief presentation to orient you to a topic, followed by hands-on experimentation or self-directed investigation. You are free to come and go, bring your lunch, and join in and play. Bring your ideas and questions for future sessions, or to be answered as needed!
ETS offers both Discovery Session and Exploration Session workshops.
Discovery Sessions introduce specific learning technologies and best practices with presentations and activities.Exploration Sessions grant a hands-on opportunity to expand on the skills introduced in Discovery sessions and apply technology in professional practice.