Online Education Faculty Mentors

The Online Education Faculty Mentors team includes faculty colleagues with online design and teaching experience from every department and unit. Mentors are available to you for consultation, and will be providing resources and planning information sessions to best meet your online teaching needs. To schedule a consultation session with a mentor, click on the button “Book a meeting with…”.

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Faculty Mentors Team


Jennifer Jenson, PhD

Mentors Team Co-Chair

Dr. Jennifer Jenson is Professor of Digital Languages, Literacies & Cultures in the Department of Language and Literacy Education, Faculty of Education. Dr. Jenson is co-editor of Loading: The Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association and the Principal Investigator of an international SSHRC Partnership Grant, “Refiguring Innovation in Games” ( She teaches in LLED and MET program (ETEC 565D and 565S). Read Dr. Jenson’s full bio here.


Leah Macfadyen, PhD

Mentors Team Co-Chair

Leah is Associate Director of and Instructor in the UBC Master of Educational Technology Program (MET), and an Assistant Professor of Teaching in UBC Language and Literacy Education.

She cut her teeth with online teaching in the early 2000s, facilitating online courses with adult learners in UBC’s Certificate in Intercultural Studies program, and then designed and launched UBC’s online Certificate in International Development program. In the years since, she has designed, co-designed, and taught online and hybrid undergraduate courses for UBC Sociology, UBC Integrated Sciences, and Royal Roads University, and graduate courses for UBC MET and LLED. She has also co-developed and co-taught an edX-based MOOC in partnership with colleagues at the University of South Australia and UT Arlington.

To learn more about her eLearning research and teaching, review her full bio here.


Kisha McPherson, PhD


Dr. McPherson is a lecturer in the UBC Master of Educational Technology Program. As an educator and scholar with over 15 years of experience she had taught students from kindergarten level to graduate studies. 

Dr. McPherson has experience and training on a broad range learning management platforms (i.e. Desire to Learn, Moodle, Blackboard) and is able to assist faculty with integrating online tools to create engaging activities for online courses. Dr. McPherson is also available to support faculty with online pedagogical planning to meet their course learning outcomes within online course environments. Read Dr. McPherson’s Full bio here.


Andrea Webb, PhD

Assistant Professor of Teaching

Dr. Webb spent a decade as a high school teacher before returning to higher education as a teacher educator. Andrea’s earliest online education includes working with Open School BC to design online modules for Social Studies students across the province. Currently, Andrea offers the International Program for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership (SoEL): UBC Certificate on Curriculum and Pedagogy in Higher Education online for UBC and international faculty members. Read Dr. Webb’s full bio here.


Paul Kennedy, PhD

Senior Instructor

Paul Kennedy is Associate Director of Undergraduate Affairs and Senior Instructor in the School of Kinesiology.  His time spent in the UBC Faculty Certificate Program on Teaching and Learning and redesign of the BKIN curriculum has given him a strong understanding of program planning and course design.  As an instructor looking for new ways to engage students, Paul has been using flexible learning strategies, including flipped classrooms and blended learning environments, in his courses for the past 7 years.  He also designed a hybrid BKIN course that was tied to the UBC Health Mentors Program.  Read Dr. Kennedy’s full bio here.


Roberta Neault, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Roberta Neault, CCC, CCDP, GCDFi, is President of Life Strategies Ltd., Project Director with the Canadian Career Development Foundation, and now on a 1-year contract with counselling psychology at UBC. Retired from her roles as Associate Dean and Chair of the Curriculum Review committee in Yorkville University’s Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Roberta has  developed courses and led e-learning initiatives for Capilano College (now University) and Yorkville University, and also for several professional associations and educational institutions through her company, Life Strategies Ltd. Roberta has been teaching online, and virtually  supervising graduate students, since 2001, on contracts with Capilano College, Yorkville University, Campus Alberta, Athabasca University, the University of Lethbridge, JFK University, Royal Roads University, and UBC.  Read Dr. Neault’s full bio here.


Kapil Regmi, PhD


Dr. Kapil Regmi is a lecturer in the Department of Educational Studies. He has taught a number of online courses using different Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard Connect, Lisam (the LMS used for Adult Learning and Global Change program) and Canvas.

With the help of the learning design team of the Faculty of Education Dr. Regmi has undertaken a major revision of an online course (ADHE 329: Developing Short Courses, Workshops and Seminars) of Adult Learning and Education Diploma program. In the new context brought by COVID-19 many courses scheduled for face-to-face teaching had to be taught online. Kapil transferred EDUC 500: Research Methods in Education course to Canvas platform and taught in an asynchronous mode with a number of live sessions as per the learning needs of the students.

Dr. Regmi is open for learning new innovations in online teaching environments and available for discussions with other faculties. By sharing experiences, faculties can be more innovative towards creating an online learning community that is inclusive, just and fair for every student. Read Dr. Regmi’s full bio here.