New Faculty Onboarding

Welcome to The Faculty of Education

This page provides an overview of how Educational Technology Support (ETS) can support you to design effective student learning experiences and build your capacity to incorporate technologies that facilitate deeper learning.

A Good place to start is to think about these guiding questions:

  • What challenges do you currently experience in your teaching practice?
  • What would you like to accomplish in the classroom or online that you haven’t been able to?
  • What administrative tasks take a lot of time away from engaging with your students?
  • How could technology overcome these challenges?


ETS supports the Faculty of Education in the sound pedagogical use of technology in teaching, learning, and research. We provide the following services to faculty members:

Learning Design Support

Thinking of revising a learning activity or assignment? Instructional Designers consult with you on your needs, whether it be increasing engagement in the classroom or online, or integrating technology or media into learning activities or assessment.

Technology Integration Consultations

Integrating technology into classroom teaching, and leveraging online technologies can provide benefits to student learning, cut down on extraneous admin work, or allow for alternate ways of conveying novel information. ETS staff can work with you to find the best solution, based on your instructional problem.

Professional Development Opportunities

ETS provides support and assistance on the use of Canvas (our online learning platform), and a number of other topics throughout the academic year. Check out our calendar for more information.

Ed Tech Resources for Self-support

ETS provides a number of resources on this website to orient you to available educational technologies. Check out our dedicated Learning Technologies page, or if you’re wanting more in depth help with Canvas, check out the Canvas instructor getting started video or guides.



UBC’s centrally=supported learning platform is Canvas, a modern Virtual Learning Environment that allows you to share resources, collect assignments, provide feedback to students and many other tasks all within a user-friendly, fast and reliable online environment.

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Assessing your Students

Question: How do you assess your students? What artefacts do you collect? How do you provide feedback?

  • Canvas assignment allow for file and media submissions and feedback, easy grading, discussions, peer review, learning analytics, etc.

Communicate and fostering community online and offline

Question: How do you currently communicate with your students?

  • Canvas provides announcements, direct messages, informal discussion areas, etc.
  • An integrated technology called Collaborate Ultra offers real-time video conferencing to facilitate webinars or online office hours.

Share learning materials and academic literature

  • Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR) is built into every Canvas course, allowing you a central repository of academic literature to share with your students.

Available Learning Technologies

ETS provides support for a number of other learning technologies in the following categories:

  • Blogging
  • Self-produced Video / Lecture Recording
  • Mattermost social chat
  • Real-time webinars

Check out our Learning Technologies page for more >>

If you need help with anything technology related, UBC and the Faculty of Education provide a number of areas of expertise, with each office and department responsible for assisting in different ways. Please refer to the table below to contact those with the appropriate expertise.

Have a question about how to use Learning Technologies to support teaching and learning? Contact ETS

Have a question about your computer’s hardware, software or connectivity? Contact IT

Need an orientation to equipment in the classroom? Want a lecture or meeting recorded? Contact A/V

Want to produce a video for your class, or research project? Contact ETS


Other resources

  • Learning Technology Hub (LTHub) provides central university support with any learning technology at UBC, or help with more technical aspects of existing learning technologies.
  • provides online self-paced software training and other courses.
  • Scarfe Digital Sandbox is a collection of resources for pre- and in-service teachers created by staff, students and faculty in Teacher Education, the Education Library and PDCE and curated by Yvonne Dawydiak, Instructional Specialist, Faculty-wide Programs.