Natasha Boškić

Natasha Boškić, PhD

Director, Learning Design | 604.822.1831

Main “Big Picture” Responsibilities at ETS

I think about the direction our Faculty may go in relation to innovation and good practices in teaching and learning approaches, in alignment with the strategic goals of the Faculty of Education and the University.

Specific Areas of Interest in the Field of Educational Technology

My specific interests are in responding to the needs of an increasingly wider and more varied audience, finding solutions to maintaining high quality standards of the learning environment design, while also meeting specific requirements of temporal, geographical and cultural diversity.

Your Work Within the ETS Office, and the Faculty of Education

I am connected with the BC, Canadian and international community, which helps me bring new ideas and solutions for technology integration and practice to our Faculty.

Interesting Tidbit

In addition to my background in education, I am also a writer and poet.


Boskic, N., Sork, T. J., Irwin, R., Nashon, S., Nicol, C., Meyer, K., & Hu, S. (2018). Using technology to provide higher education for refugees. In Jean-Francois, E. (Ed.), Transnational perspective on innovation in teaching and learning technologies (pp. 285-304). Leiden: Brill. Sense.

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