Naomi Sawai

Naomi Sawai

Educational Technologist | 604.822.1965

What are your main “big picture” responsibilities at ETS?

I work with faculty members and other instructional and user support staff in the development of educational resources, training and support in the use of Canvas, and the enhancement of educational technologies.

What are some of your specific, hands-on, day-to-day tasks at ETS?

My day-to-day tasks include responding to questions or requests that come through the ETS Inbox. For example, I might be asked to create a non-credit shell in Canvas, add users to a course, or set up additional tools. I also work with other members of the ETS team in exploring new tools and technologies that can enhance in-class and online teaching and learning. I help organize and conduct workshops, and I work with teammates in the continuous development of online training resources.

Previous work experience and areas of interest

I am a passionate educator and lifelong learner. My interest in educational technology was borne out of my background in teaching EAL (English as an Additional Language) and my interest in researching and selecting ideal tools to create accessible, engaging, and visually appealing learning experiences for EAL student populations. I am excited to be part of a support team where I can continue to explore new ideas and technologies and collaborate with others.