Meghan McMillen

Meghan McMillen, MET

Learning Designer | 604.822.6333

What are your “Big Picture” tasks at ETS?

I assist faculty in transitioning online, I help with educating them on educational technologies, as well as creating training resources and workshops with other LD’s, staff and faculty.

What do you do day-to-day?

I support instructors with setting up their courses and putting tools and content into Canvas, as well as creating and organizing quizzes and modules. I have lots of discussions with teachers on what they are looking to accomplish with their assignments and activities, and I then come up with the technology that best fits their needs. I also work to build relationships with faculty so they are comfortable in asking questions and sharing ideas can lead to a more positive learning experience for students.

What has kept you centered for the past year of the pandemic?

Lots of time outside and consistent exercise.

What are your priorities in educational technology?

High quality education and student engagement in their own learning.

What is your ‘wild card’ fact? (Something someone might not expect just from looking at you)

I can make a very tasty Guinness chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.

One idea that’s changed for you since the majority of higher education moved online?

There are lots of opportunities to think about assessment differently in online learning.

What is a strength and challenge that comes from teaching online?

Strength: flexibility in content delivery to students.

Challenge: maintaining the connections with others.

If you could go anywhere right now, real or fictional, where would it be and why?

I would head to Europe, there are so many great places that I have yet to explore.

Any advice you would give to someone who is new to teaching online?

Be open to trying new things and work at creating relationships, it will make the rest so much easier.