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Sky, Water, Earth is a collection of informal learning activities that evoke a sense of wonder about the planet we live on and beyond, through astronomy, marine biology, and the intersection between the two. Sky, Water, Earth takes the form of a career preparation initiative for youths aged 17-24 who are interested in the field of science. The initiative encourages youths to follow their passion, and through a variety of activities helps them build competencies employers value. Learners who are fully engaged are awarded unique real-life opportunities that provide additional in-depth experiences and further expand their personal and professional networks. These opportunities bring forward-thinking students closer to success in their academic and professional careers.


The project guides youths to participate in learning playlists that help them build competencies outlined by the National Research Council Canada (NRC), such as creative thinking, communication, teamwork, and more. These activities ultimately lead youths to produce concrete evidence that demonstrates such competencies. Youths give and receive feedback on their work through a peer evaluation process. Experts in the field, community partners, as well as leaders from UBC student associations provide additional feedback and guidance. Youths will build on their resume and practical experience, ultimately becoming more employable members of the workforce.

Similar to music playlists organized by genres, Sky, Water, Earth activities are organized in playlists of their own: a series of experiences, resources, and events connected by key themes and learning objectives. While there is a suggested path through the activities, learners experience the playlists in any order they choose, and can check over which activities they complete in a given list.

When a participant completes all the activities in a playlist, a unique, real-life opportunity is unlocked. Examples of opportunities include free admission to networking events and science programs, job shadowing, one-on-one interviews with science graduates working in their fields, a presentation slot at a Faculty of Education event, LinkedIn recommendations, and more.


  1. Three playlists on edX Edge. Playlists are open and free to all learners.
  2. Three Connected Learning hackathon sessions that generated 12 learning activities, promoted the concept of connected learning and the project, and established partnerships with community partners. Community partners include the TELUS Science World, Vancouver Public Library, and more.
  3. Project website 

Project Team

Project Management

Sharon Hu, Instructional Designer, Faculty of Education

Project Partners

Lisa McIntosh, Director of Learning, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

Jonathan Hultquist, Public Programs Manager, Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Instructional Design, Research & Development Support

Natasha Boskic, Senior Manager of Learning Designs, ETS

Rachel Goossen, Graduate student, Faculty of Education

Administrative Support

Emily Weldon, Undergraduate student, Faculty of Arts

Annie Wang, Graduate student, Faculty of Science

Austin Lee, Undergraduate student, Faculty of Arts