ETS Research Invitation: Exploring University Teachers’ Design Practice

About the study

Educational Technology Support (ETS), a unit within the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC), is conducting research into the supports instructors use in their work involving the development of online learning experiences.

The purpose of this project is to explore university teachers’ learning design processes through a descriptive study highlighting their processes in developing new and revising existing online courses in a higher education setting. A primary focus is to explore the sources of support teachers engage with (e.g., workshops, online tutorials, peer expertise), along with the perceptions more novel approaches such as guided guided design processes supported by an instructional designer or learning designer.

Download the Full Proposal Here

Invitation to Participate

The Faculty of Education at UBC would like to learn more about how university teachers work to design online learning experiences. As part of this effort, we are conducting a study to investigate university teachers’ existing practices in their design work, how they may engage with instructional supports, and with their peers. If you are currently engaging in online course development (or design) or have done so in the past and would like to participate, please contact Stoo Sepp at Participation is completely voluntary, and a consent form will be provided which contains a detailed overview of what is involved should you choose to participate.


If you work at a higher education institution and would like to participate in this study and contribute to the understanding of design practice for online learning, choose an option for participation below.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Stoo Sepp at or 604.827.0489

How to participate

There are 2 options for participating, both of which will take approximately 45-60 mins to complete:

To participate in the survey, click the button below. Consent information is embedded within the survey.

A word doc version of the survey is also available, if you'd prefer to take more time. Instructions on how to submit are contained within the document.

To get started participating for the interview option, click here to download the consent form.

The easiest way to return it would be to scan and send back to Dr. Stoo Sepp, at the University of British Columbia - you can do this using the email feature on most office photocopiers, or you can use a scanning app on your smartphone to capture the signed form.

After returning your signed consent form, Dr. Sepp will follow up and schedule an interview time with you, either online via Zoom, or in person on UBC's Vancouver Campus after COVID-19 related precautions have been lifted.


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This study has been approved by UBC’s Behavioural Research Ethics Board (approval #H18-02631)