Examples of Online Courses

This page provides you with access to a range of Faculty of Education online courses developed by faculty members in collaboration with PDCE/ETS Learning Designers and Learning Technology Support Staff. Explore these courses to see what is possible for your Online Course. Many of the assignments you will discover here can easily be migrated to your online course.

NOTE: You will need to sign in using your CWL to access these courses. If you have trouble accessing any courses, please contact ETS.

Course Dept (Level) Primary Author Additional Authors
ADHE327: Teaching Adults EDST (Undergraduate) Dave Smulders Erin Crisfield (original author), Dan Pratt, Carolina Palacios, Jude Walker
ADHE412: An Overview of Adult Education EDST (Undergraduate) Carolina Palacios Roger Boshier (original author), Cliff Falk
CNPS364: Family Education and Consultation ECPS (Undergraduate) Erika Horwitz
ECED508: Review of Research in Early Childhood Education ECED (Graduate) Marlene Asselin
EDCP538: Theory and Research in Environmental Education EDCP (Graduate) Oksana Bartosh
EDCP544: Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning with Technologies EDCP (Graduate) Marina Milner-Bolton
EDST515: Survey Research Design EDST (Graduate) Lesley Andres
EDST525: Program Evaluation in Adult and Community Education EDST (Graduate) Tom Sork Judith Ottoson (original author), Jane Dawson
EDUC440: Aboriginal Education in Canada B.Ed. (Undergraduate) Johanna Sam
EPSE317: Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom B.Ed. (Undergraduate) Jennifer Katz
EPSE408: Educational Programming for Highly Able Learners ECPS (Undergraduate) Owen Lo Kristi Lauridsen, I-Chen Wu (PhD student)
ETEC510: Design of Technology-Supported Learning Environments MET (Graduate) Mary Bryson, Jeff Miller Lori MacIntosh, Chelsey Hauge
ETEC512: Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction MET (Graduate) Jenna Shapka Sunah Cho
ETEC565A: Understanding Learning Analytics MET (Graduate) Leah Macfadyen
LLED452: Disciplinary Literacies: Intermediate through Secondary LLED (Undergraduate) Kedrick James Amber Moore, Ashley Moore