Eduardo Rebagliati

Eduardo Rebagliati

Learning Technology Specialist | 604.827.0489

What are your main “big picture” responsibilities at ETS?

I identify, analyze, and coordinate educational technology initiatives with various stakeholders to maximize affordances in learning experiences. I am responsible for envisioning solutions that improve usability, accessibility, interoperability and service sustainability.

What are some of your specific, hands-on, day-to-day tasks at ETS?

I do privacy impact assessments of digital tools, manage educational technology initiatives, produce multimedia objects for projects developed at ETS, do updates and maintenance of the ETS website, and assist in the development of credit and non-credit courses in Canvas.

Who do you primarily work with (faculty, staff, other.)

I work closely with other members of ETS, and with educational stakeholders including faculty, program leaders, researchers, support staff and students.

How does your work help support the ETS office, and the Faculty of Education as a whole?

My work ensures that technologies appropriately, effectively, consistently and sustainably support the educational objectives in various programs across the Faculty of Education.

What are some major projects you are currently involved in? Are there any previous projects you would like to mention?

I am currently involved in developing faculty projects with the Emerging Media Lab, performing a Privacy Impact Assessment of tools that are used or will be used in the Faculty of Education, and supporting the development of non-credit courses.

What are your specific areas of interest in the field of educational technology or beyond? How is your work at ETS contributing or playing into those areas of interest?

I am interested in discovering the unique affordances that technology brings to learning environments to create experiences that are more meaningful, efficient, engaging, and student-centred. Working at ETS allows me to explore, learn, and stay up to date with educational technologies while being mindful of common issues around accessibility, usability, and privacy.

Any previous work experience that closely relates to your current role.

• I was an instructor and instructional designer for 9 years at a university in Lima, Peru.
• I worked in the advertising industry developing various multimedia production projects.
• I worked in the IT department at Toronto Hydro.