Early Adopters of Canvas

All courses at UBC will be migrated to the new Learning Management System (LMS) by September 2018. In order to achieve this target, we are starting “small” with early adopters, ensuring smooth transition and success. We will have a gradual migration of fully online courses and hope to increase the adoption of Canvas overtime as the basic teaching and learning tool. ETS aims to increase confidence in the usage of Canvas through variety of training and support models.

We would like to feature and thank all instructors teaching in Canvas for the first time this Fall 2017 W1 term:


    • Photo 1
      • Jim Anderson
      • Mair Cayley
      • Jillianne Code
      • Serge Lacroix
    • Photo 2
      • Mona Gleason
      • Monique Bournot-Trites
      • Caleb Lee (Reginald D’Silva, coordinator)
    • Photo 3
      • Elizabeth Jordan
      • Yan Liu
      • Hongxia Shan
      • Judith Walker
  • Iris Berger
  • Cynthia Nicol