Working at ETS

Nicholas Zeng, Learning Technology Rover (May 2021 – December 2021)

“I joined ETS as a Learning Technology Rover, which was my very first work experience and co-op term. I had the opportunity to acquire and improve numerous skills such as learning technologies, video editing, project coordination, and problem-solving skills. I supported a MOOC course by identifying and troubleshooting any technical issues and reporting them to the admin. Given such experience, I developed an interest in quality assurance and aim to pursue such a field as my future career goal. In general, I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with the ETS team since the ETS team was very supportive and I have learned a lot from them.”


Ka-Yee Chu

Ka-Yee Chu, Learning Technology Rover (May 2021 – December 2021)

“I worked with ETS from May 2021 to December 2021 helping professors transition back to in-person classes. My time at ETS has taught me plenty about the hidden impact of educational technology, and has put into perspective the amount of work that goes into a course. It has given me the opportunity to apply some of my prior knowledge of technology and develop my skills further, such as improving my HTML coding or expanding my knowledge of data privacy. It was also inspiring to have conversations with others on the current issues in the education world, and to learn more about the efforts from the Faculty of Education to improve awareness on topics like mental health and reconciliation. I am truly honoured to have worked with ETS, where everyone is incredibly supportive and truly passionate for the future of education.”


Jasleena Raina

Jasleena Raina, Learning Technology Rover (May 2021 – August 2021)

“I joined ETS in May 2021 and was with the team for the entirety of the summer semester until September 2021. Working on the ETS team allowed me to gain numerous valuable experiences from my first co-op role including the chance to explore various education technologies, develop presentations and marketing materials for workshops and events, and enhance my communication and problem-solving skills by working alongside faculty and staff. During my co-op term, I was able to explore the backend of platforms like Canvas, CLAS, WordPress, H5P, Kaltura, and so much more. It allowed me to gain a new sense of appreciation for all the various EdTech Support that is required to run hundreds of classes. In addition to this, as a business student, I was also able to gain valuable marketing experience by managing the ETS Twitter account as well as improve my presentation skills by creating and facilitating workshops for the department. This combined with the various one-on-one interactions I had with faculty members in order to support them with their technological concerns really allowed me to cultivate my interpersonal skills. Finally, the best part of ETS was working alongside the incredibly supportive team and learning new things everyday from each of their past experiences and vast array of knowledge. They are an extremely supportive, welcoming, and talented team and I was honored to have the opportunity to be able to work alongside them.”


Arshiya Malik

Arshiya Malik, Academic Continuity Rover (May 2020 – April 2021)

“I joined ETS as an ACR in May 2020 as UBC began to pivot online due to the pandemic. I stayed along for nearly a year, and have come away with a truly enriching experience. The ETS staff is not only kind, compassionate and supportive, they are also highly talented and dedicated, which created a positive growth environment for me and led to some unique learning opportunities. During my co-op term, I developed a wide array of technical skills and gained a deep understanding of the hot button issues in EdTech. I also had the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with faculty and I thoroughly enjoyed supporting them. A highlight of my co-op experience was collaborating with learning designers on various workshops, which drastically changed my understanding of and orientation towards digital pedagogy. The learning technologists provided critical food for thought when assessing online tools for their efficacy and ethics, and I have gained a clearer understanding of web design, UX, UI and data privacy as a result. Lastly, I had the benefit of a supervisor who was invested in my growth and offered flexibility to tailor my tasks and projects to my personal learning goals, allowing me to chart my growth journey.”


Micah Pryne

Micah Pryne, Learning Technology Rover (September 2020 – April 2021)

“I worked at ETS remotely for two terms during the pandemic. I came in from the angle of wanting to work in publishing and education, and ETS has given me so many relevant skills to those fields. Just working in Canvas and within WordPress, H5P and Canvas has greatly expanded my knowledge of front-facing web design. In addition, facilitating workshops has given me a greater depth of understanding on the process of teaching and creating an online space collaboratively. I’m so grateful for the team, as I always felt like the ETS staff were here to support and help me and the projects were applicable to my career goals.”


Jenny Zhu

Jenny Zhu, Canvas Technology Rover (May 2018 – December 2018)



Amanda Punch

Amanda Punch, Learning Technology Rover (May-August 2018)

Working at ETS was my first coop term. Everyone in the office was friendly and supportive, and my supervisor would try to cater tasks towards my interests so I could make the most out of my term. I had the opportunity to learn new skills I was curious about such as web development and graphic design. As an Electrical Engineering student, I was even able to work on a fun side project using Raspberry Pi. However, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job was supporting faculty, as not only did I enhance my troubleshooting skills, but I empowered faculty members to be more comfortable with educational technologies such as Canvas. I also felt privileged to do work for our MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) such as Teach Mental Health and Reconciliation for Indigenous Education, because I know that educating others on these topics will make a positive social impact.


Scott Beaulieu

Scott Beaulieu, Canvas Technology Rover (May-August 2018)

Working as a Canvas Tech Rover with Educational Technology Support has been one of the most enriching experiences that I have gained from my Co-op terms so far. Working with any of the ETS staff was always a joy. Every staff member that I worked with in the office was very talented and experienced in their areas, and not to mention friendly and willing to help. During my time I was able to apply, and gain, many technical skills such as Python script development. Getting to work with professors to solve technical problems was one of the more satisfying parts of the job, especially if I got the chance to meet them in person. Overall, I will remember this term not only for the technical skills I gained, but also for the amazing people I had the pleasure of working with, and for the great culture in the office.


Amber Lum,Undergraduate Academic Assistant (February-August 2018)

Working at ETS for the past half a year has been such an enriching experience. Not only was I surrounded by a group of talented, warm, and experienced individuals, but I gained a new appreciation for technology and its role in education. Getting the opportunity to help create resources for educators to improve the emotional wellbeing of learners was really rewarding. Moreover, having a passion for art, I was given the chance to design graphics for online courses. Additionally, I gained valuable experience with video editing and web design. I loved the diverse skill sets and interests each ETS member brought with them to collaborate. This inclusive culture made me feel really welcome and appreciated during my time at ETS.


Ghazi Alchammat, Canvas Technology Rover (September 2017 – May 2018)



Eric Lee, Learning Technology Rover (September 2017 – May 2018)



Albert Leung, Canvas Technology Rover (September 2017 – December 2017)

I have learned a lot in the four months I worked at ETS. Supervisors are friendly, approachable, and supportive and I get to work on various diverse tasks. The office environment is bright and open, provoking team collaborations with the meetings that occur 2 – 3 times a week. As my supervisors knew my passion in media productions, I was assigned poster creation, video production, and many other interesting projects. Besides, I was also given the chance to utilize programming to optimize the learning management system online. Overall, I have learned valuable and transferable skills and grown as a professional with the supports from ETS.


Mary Kostandy, GAA (TLEF Project) (May 2017 – September 2017)


Wendy Zhang, TLEF Co-op student (Tech Coach) (January 2017 – September 2017)

Working at ETS was my second Co-op term and it was an amazing experience for me. Not only did I get the opportunity to explore various areas, from website development and maintenance, to helping with workshops and conferences, as well as creating and editing videos and posters. As a student majored in Library and Information Studies, I learned so much from working on a diverse range of tasks, and from my conversations with Yvonne and all ETS staff members (they were very helpful and supportive although they all got very busy schedule). Last but not least, I learned so much about the different emerging technologies to use in libraries and education, which I believe will be invaluable for my future career development as well.


Feilcia Tjeng, Learning Technology Rover (January 2017 – September 2017)

I think I am incredibly lucky to have my first co-op work term with ETS. Like the previous co-op students, I can vouch that the ETS staff are very friendly and supportive. During my time as a co-op student, I received a lot of training, feedback and constructive criticism. My supervisor would also try to cater my tasks towards my interests in media production, graphic design, UX and UI. In terms of soft skills, I was also able to improve my project management, communication and customer service skills. The dynamic nature of the work in ETS meant that I get to try a little bit of everything, whether it is assisting with events like the annual TEC Expo, creating digital content for the ETS website, light coding for the MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) or pilot testing the new LMS in UBC. They certainly represent the ‘education’ mindset of the faculty, and there are countless learning opportunities as long as you are willing to try.


Kateryna Baranova, TLEF Co-op Student (September 2016 – December 2016)

Working at ETS was my first co-op term and my first real work experience. Needless to say I was quite anxious going in, but my transition was made very smooth thanks to the openness and friendliness of the staff. I was able to adjust to my role fairly quickly and became comfortable taking on new tasks knowing that I had the support of the team. I was involved with a diverse range of tasks from media production and blogging to research and website management, which allowed me to apply my previous skills as well as explore exciting new areas. I was clear on what my role was and was happy to receive constructive feedback on my performance that helped me grow.


Mig Cao, Learning Technology Rover (September 2016 – December 2016)

Working at the ETS office is a unique and fun experience. As this was my second co-op work term, I had been exploring various potential career paths, looking for something that was beyond my area of study. I was not disappointed. At ETS, I was able to challenge myself with photography, video editing, many teaching and learning technologies, and even coding, which I love the most. The ETS staff helped create a friendly and interactive work culture. Though they had busy schedules every week, ETS staff paid attention to the development of co-op students. Their constructive feedback helped me to realize what aspects I am good at and acknowledge the skills I need to work on. I am confident that everything I learned at ETS will definitely be valuable to my academic and professional careers.


Emily Weldon, Learning Technology Rover (May 2016 – September 2016)


Melissa Liang, Web Programmer (TLEF project) (May 2016 – September 2016)

What I found most surprising about working at ETS was just how friendly and welcoming is the whole team. As this was my first co-op term, I was filled with anxiety during the first days of work. However, we had many ice breaking activities throughout the term and I realized how genuinely open and caring everyone is. I also I felt that my opinions had value and that I was encouraged to voice them. I will remember this term as a remarkable learning experience with colleagues who were not only co-workers but knowledgeable mentors in their areas of expertise.


Bruno Bachmann, Web Programmer (TLEF project) (May 2016 – September 2016)

Working at ETS was a critical starting point to my career as a programmer. Entering the professional sphere can be a scary transition from being a student, but I feel that ETS made that transition seamless for me. Developing the Scarfe Digital Sandbox with the support and advice of ETS staff was a fantastic learning experience in terms of both technical and soft skills. Moving forward I will miss the friendly, supportive, and especially innovative environment ETS perpetuated. Building amiable yet professional relationships is probably the most important skill I picked up at ETS. It is a skill I hope to apply in my future workplaces, wherever those may be.


Andrea Gonzalez, Learning Technology Rover (September 2015 – May 2016)


Eleanor Hoskins, Learning Technology Rover (January 2015 – September 2015)

I am a student in English Honours with a French Minor. I most enjoyed working on website updates and video production from screencasts to outdoor shoots. My fondest memory is of hustling really hard with the team to make TEC Expo 2015 a success! When I was first hired at ETS, I was a bit nervous about working with technology, but I was really surprised by how well I fit the job, and how helpful and welcoming the faculty and fellow staff were. I am currently completing the last year of my degree, working as a Residence Advisor on campus, and acting as President of the UBC English Students’ Association.


Austin Lee, Learning Technology Rover (September 2014 – May 2015)

During my time as a Learning Technology Rover (LTR) at ETS, I co-founded the LTR Hub community site, organizing the TED 2015 Live Stream event at ETS, and transcribed videos for the Dadaab Education Project. What I liked the most about my time at ETS is working with the incredible team at ETS. Everyone is so friendly and talented, and always ready to help out with my projects. I will graduate with honours in Psychology November 2016 and will pursue a career in human resources consulting.


Jenny Ho, TECwhiz (September 2014 – January 2015)

I graduated with a BA in Psychology and English Literature in May 2016. During my Co-op term with ETS serving as the TECwhiz (yes, this was my title), I supported approximately 600 Teacher Candidates in the Bachelor of Education program integrate learning technologies into their practice, including their e-portfolios on UBC Blogs. What surprised me the most about working at ETS was the countless learning opportunities available to me. As for the future, I will be pursuing my Bachelor of Education and aspire to pursue graduate studies in counselling psychology.


Harini Rajagopal, GAA (September 2013 – December 2014)