The Educational Technology Support (ETS) unit supports the design, development and deployment of innovative teaching practices in the Faculty of Education.

ETS is a hub of innovation and creativity, and is here to help instructors create engaging learning experiences for their students. We do this by supporting instructors with new learning technologies, and with curriculum and instructional design.

Our goal is to enable quality instruction in classroom, blended, and distance modalities, and we offer workshops and training focused on technology-enhanced teaching and learning. The ETS team helps instructors think creatively and push the boundaries using new tools, or new ways of applying tools and resources, so that they can get the most impact from their teaching.

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Staff Profiles

Natasha Boškić, PhD

Director, Learning Design
natasha.boskic@ubc.ca | 604.822.1831

Natasha considers the direction the Faculty of Education will go in relation to innovation and good practices in teaching and learning approaches, in alignment with the strategic goals of the Faculty and of the University. She guides the rest of her team in supporting faculty and staff to enhance teaching and learning experiences, as well as planning and managing flexible educational initiatives. She teaches as a sessional lecturer in the MET program.

Helen DeWaard, MEd, MET

Learning Designer

Helen DeWaard teaches digital and media literacy at the Faculty of Education, Lakehead University, Orillia. She has completed a Masters of Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia, a Masters of Education from the University of Toronto, OISE, and is currently pursuing a PhD. Her passions include teaching and learning with technology, digital storytelling, critical digital literacy, connecting to global contexts, and digital badges. She volunteers with the Virtually Connecting and ISTE Inclusive Learning networks, and participated in the Mozilla Open Leaders project. Helen served as an Open Education Fellow with eCampus Ontario, engages as a mentor through UNESCO, and is Creative Commons certified. She can be found at http://www.hjdewaard.com/. Helen actively tweets about education related topics @hj_dewaard and blogs at Five Flames for Learning https://fiveflames4learning.com.

Mark Edwards, PhD

Assistant Dean
mark.edwards@ubc.ca | 604.827.2796

Mark is the Assistant Dean within the Professional Development & Community Engagement office, with a special focus on the ETS unit. One of his passions is mobilizing the remarkable research of UBC’s Faculty of Education in the service of children in British Columbia and around the world. Mark facilitates collaborative working relationships between the Faculty and the field for the development and provision of professional development programs for teachers. Mark works with the ETS office to guide and manage the objectives of the team in helping develop and implement innovative teaching practices within the Faculty of Education.

Parm Gill, MET

Learning Designer
parm.gill@ubc.ca | 604.827.2114

Parm brings over 20 years of experience in online adult learning theories, principles, course design strategies, and is well versed in a range of educational technologies. She specializes in designing online and blended courses where student learning experiences based on sound pedagogies and incorporate optimal technology solutions. Parm especially enjoys working with faculty on the design/re-design and development of courses requiring creative solutions for teaching and learning challenges.

Simone Hausknecht, PhD

Learning Designer

Simone has a MA and PhD in educational technology and learning design from Simon Fraser University with a focus on computer supported collaborative learning, digital storytelling, and digital games. She enjoys collaborating with faculty and ETS colleagues to facilitate, guide, and create research informed, innovative, learner-centred designs.

Shur Lim, MET

Learning Designer

Shur works with instructors to design courses for online and blended learning. A graduate of the UBC MET program, she brings recent experience assisting various UBC faculties in course development and migration processes. She is interested in investigating strategies that support transformative learning in changing contexts and enjoys collaborating with ETS colleagues to facilitate and implement pedagogically informed, engaging, learner-centred designs.

Ian Linkletter, MLIS

Learning Technology Specialist
ian.linkletter@ubc.ca | 604.822.1829

Ian supports the design, development, and deployment of innovative teaching practices; with a background in library and information science, he researches technology and implements it to support learning within the Faculty. Ian supports all of the Faculty’s online courses, working directly with instructors to help them integrate technology with their teaching in effective, evidence-based, and innovative ways. Ian works primarily with faculty helping them to maximize the benefits of Canvas – UBC’s online learning platform.

Arshiya Malik

Academic Continuity Rover

Arshiya provides Tier 1 support to faculty and staff migrating to an online teaching environment. This includes providing technical support and troubleshooting in the use of learning technologies such as Canvas, Kaltura, Camtasia, Collaborate Ultra, and Zoom. She also helps facilitate training workshops and create instructional resources and documentation for various tools within UBC’s learning technology ecosystem.

Meghan McMillen, MET

Learning Designer

Meghan is a dedicated and passionate K-12 educator and K-7 Teacher-Librarian. A graduate of the UBC MET program, Meghan has combined her love of literacy with educational technology to deliver engaging, student-centred content. Her main interests include digital storytelling, digital literacy, and the seamless integration of technology into student learning. Meghan has created and developed several open educational resources, online seminars, and units of learning for students and educators.

Faeyza Mufti, MET

Learning Design Manager
faeyza.mufti@ubc.ca | 604.822.3577

Faeyza works with instructors to design courses for online and blended learning. Advocating student-centered approaches, she provides necessary guidance for incorporating technologies and building learning experiences that best meet the learning outcomes. She is also responsible for organizing workshops, developing training resources, and designing learning materials.

Micah Pryne

Learning Technology Rover

Micah provides Tier 1 support to faculty and staff migrating to an online teaching environment. This includes providing technical support and troubleshooting in learning technologies such as Canvas, Kaltura, Qualtrics, MS Teams, Collaborate Ultra, and Zoom. They also help facilitate training workshops and create instructional resources and documentation for various tools within UBC’s learning technology ecosystem.

Tara Rogic, BMS

Educational Technologist
tara.rogic@ubc.ca | 604.822.1965

Tara provides direct support for faculty and staff through the management of learning systems, namely in the use of Canvas, and in the development and application of educational resources through workshops and online training tools. With a background in Media Studies and content creation, Tara assists with all aspects of production of learning modules, courses, and assessment strategies, and their conversion into an online medium.

We are grateful for the additional support received from the PDCE Team provided by Tasnim Al-Obaidi, Yvonne Dawydiak, Yvette Kharoubeh, Milena Constanda and Samantha Tsui.

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