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Found as a tool link on the left-hand side menu of your Connect course, the Connect Blogs tool in Connect has a wide suite of features to facilitate classroom collaboration and instructor-student communication. However, when instructors want to view student’s blog entries, it is often challenging to locate the list of student submissions. The following instructions will walk you through how to access student’s blog entries:


  1. Log into your Connect course using your CWL username and password.
  2. Open Blogs. Once you have accessed your Course Homepage, you should be able to see the Blog course link on the left-hand side menu of your course. Click the link to access the Course Blogs. For more help getting started with Connect Blogs, please refer to the following Learning Technologies page.

Side menu

  1. Open your target blog. From the Blogs page, select the blog or journal topic page you want to view and click on the title. You will then be directed to the Blog page (e.g. Week 1 – Novel Title).

Blog page


  1. View individual student blog entries. From the right panel in the blog page, click on the down-arrow below your name to reveal a drop-down menu showing the names of students who have created blog entries.


  1. Select a student’s name to review their work. Click on a student’s name to see their  blog entries. Notice the two indicators after students’ names. The pin icon New post and new comment suggests that the student recently posted a new blog entry, while the dialog icon Capture3 suggests that new comments have been added to this blog entry. Note: if the blog is graded, the Needs Grading Icon, a yellow exclamation mark, will also appear after students’ names.


When you click on the student’s name, you will be directed to their blog entry. Any recent unseen blog entries will be accompanied by a New indicator after the title. This indicator can also be found for new comments, located at the bottom of the blog entry box.
Capture 4

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