Turn on Spell Check in your Connect Course

Blackboard Connect has a built-in a spell check feature which can be used in Announcements, Content, Discussion Boards, Wikis and Connect Blogs. This spellchecker is sometimes problematic, especially when editing content pages or wikis, and is now an opt-in feature. This guide will walk you through how to enable it in a Connect course.

Briefly, the issue is that the spellchecker inserts unnecessary code around misspelled words. This code is usually invisible, but sometimes affects formatting. It can also cause wiki pages to reach a maximum character limit, after which point they can no longer be edited until the HTML code is repaired.

To activate your spell check, follow these quick instructions:


1. Log into Connect. Once you have logged into Connect with your CWL and password, click on your preferred course from the Course List module.

Demo Course 1


2. From your course homepage, scroll all the way down to the Control Panel on your left-hand side menu.

Customization 2

3. In the Control Panel menu, click on Customization.
Customization - important

4. Select Tool Availability.

Tool Availability


5. Scroll down the list of tools to find Spell Check. Hover over and click on the box next to Spell Check.


Spell Check 2


6. Click Submit to save your changes.Submit

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