Test Availability Exceptions in Connect

When you first deploy a test in your Connect course, you have the option to restrict the availability of the course to a specific date and time. However, you can also change the availability of the test for particular users in your course who might have missed the due date due to a number of reasons. Using Test Availability Exceptions, you can make exceptions for students with excused absences, disabilities, language and technology differences among others. In order to make user exceptions for tests, follow these quick instructions:


1. Log into Connect with your CWL and Password and chooses your preferred course from the Course List module.

Demo Course 1

2. From your left-hand side course menu, select Assessments (or locate the relevant content area containing the test you would like to make available).

Number 1

3. From within your Assessments content area, hover over the test title and click on the grey down-arrow that appears next to the title. Select Edit the Test Options.

Number 2


4. In the Test Options page, scroll down to Test Availability Exceptions. Click on Add User or Group. 

Number 4


6. From within the Add User or Group pop-up window, search for the student you would like to make the test available to using the search box. Click Go.  Once you find the student, click on the checkbox next to their name.

Number 5


7. Click Submit. 


8. Adjust the settings. Specify whether you would like the student to have a single attempt, multiple attempts (which you can choose) or unlimited attempts. Click on the Calendar icon to add the specific dates and times when you would like the test to be available to the student.

Number 6


9. Once you have added the dates and times in the test availability pop-up screen, click Save.


Number 7


10. Click Submit. Make sure to hit the Submit button one last time to save all your changes!



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