Technology in Transit — Wikispaces

Wikispaces was January’s technology of the month for Technology in Transit. Presenter Jolene Loveday demonstrated how she uses Wikispaces in online classrooms to create a collaborative social environment for her students. Using Wikispaces, teachers can monitor their students’ work as it happens so they can give feedback, assistance, and encouragement as needed and gain direct insight into student engagement and contribution. Loveday also covered how teachers can quickly and easily create assignments, share resources, make announcements, and foster discussion and community in Wikispaces. For more information on Wikispaces, please refer to the information handouthere from this presentation.


Our featured student this month was Jolene Loveday from the Faculty of Education.


Jolene Loveday (BA, MA, CELTA) is a teacher candidate in the BEd Middle Years (English and IB-MYP) program. She is the student representative for the Faculty of Education in the UBC Vancouver Senate and the Academic Director of the Education Students’ Association. Additionally, Jolene is an experienced adult educator, having taught English as an Additional Language and English literature for the past decade. She is currently a faculty member, on leave, at Vancouver Community College.