Technology in Transit — Paper by 53

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Paper was November’s technology of the month for Technology in Transit. Presenter Andrea Gonzalez showed how teachers can use Paper to create check-lists, lesson plans, visually appealing sketch-notes, annotated diagrams and photographs, as well as how students can used them as whiteboards in group activities. As a free app available on iPads, iPhone and Android phones, Paper offers a great opportunity for Teacher Candidates to generate an immersive flexible learning environment, particularly during a period of time when students are becoming increasingly comfortable using digital tools. Individual slides containing information, from written data to illustrations, can be organized like a wall of sticky-notes, simply by sliding your hand across the screen! When producing material for classrooms, there are a wide suite of tools available for teachers to explore and to play around with, including Draw, Sketch, Outline, Write, Color and Mixer tools. Find out how teachers around the world are using Paper by 53 in their classrooms here!

The information sheet from this presentation can be found here.


Our featured student this month is Andrea Gonzalez, Tech Rover at Educational Technology Support and Faculty of Arts student.