Technology in Transit – LiveBinders

Technology in Transit is a monthly event organized by Educational Technology Support (ETS) office for students in the Faculty of Education to showcase their learning technologies. The purpose of this one-hour session is to raise awareness of different technologies and to show how to incorporate them into classrooms.

For the month of February, Shirley Soo introduces LiveBinders, a digital binder with tabs that allows you to compile various digital media into one area. It takes the binder concept and adapts it to the generation of digital content sharing. Set up an account, choose a colour scheme, and start adding content! They help you go paperless and be on the cutting edge of efficiency. It is the product of close collaboration with the user community.

Both teachers and students can gather websites, PDFs, photos, text and media and organize them into thematic binders that live on digital shelves. One can even use LiveBinders to create E-portfolios or Web quests. Choose to share with fellow teachers, librarians, students or keep it private. Best of all, this tool works across all platforms – PC, Android, and iOS.

Some of the features include:

  • Update in real-time
  • Collaborate with multiple teachers or district staff
  • Deliver instantly
  • Control Privacy settings
  • Remove the “lost assignment” excuse
  • Carry 50 in just one hand

Get a brief overview from Shirley’s handout here.
Learn more from the resources in our Scarfe Digital Sandbox.

Got a cool learning technology that you would like to share? Or an app that you think needs more awareness in education? Host a Technology in Transit session of your own!
If you are interested in hosting a Technology in Transit session and promote a learning technology, please contact the ETS office by email at or by phone at 604-822-6333.


Shirley Soo

Teacher Candidate – TELL-3C Cohort in Elementary/Middle School

Shirley Soo is a teacher candidate at UBC TELL-3C Cohort in the Elementary/ Middle School Option. For over ten years, she has had great success using digital tools, interactive whiteboards, and iOS apps in facilitating the learning of English in an international school setting. She was also responsible for the programming of Design Technology classes and provided guidance on all creative projects. Shirley loves taking on challenges – teaching everything from jewelry-making and baking to unicycling! In her free time, she enjoys playing field hockey and team sports.