Technology in Transit — Duolingo

Duolingo was September’s technology of the month for Technology in Transit. Presenter Natasha Rivera demonstrated how she used Duolingo to make learning languages fun and visually engaging for students as well as to challenge them to advance to higher levels. Duolingo enables students and teachers to learn a number of languages from Portuguese to Ukranian with an interactive and user friendly interface and provides a teaching opportunity for Teacher Candidates to enrich and support their students’ learning. Each lesson includes a diverse array of beginner and advanced speaking, listening, translation and multiple choice challenges, and instantly grades your answers, keeping students engaged and motivated.

The information sheet from this presentation can be found here.


Our featured student this month is Tasha Rivera from the Faculty of Education.

Tasha Rivera

Tasha is a Bachelor of Education student in Secondary Core French and Japanese. She just finished her MA in Asian studies here at UBC this summer. She is very interested in both learning and teaching modern languages and the new technologies available to help with that goal.