Technology in Transit – BOMB Games! Microsoft Power Point isn’t just a slide shower

Each month, the Educational Technology Support office holds a Technology in Transit session in the Scarfe Foyer where students from Faculty of Education showcase a technology (a phone app, web application, software or any kind of technology) related to teaching and learning activities. The main purpose of this event is to raise awareness of different technologies and how to incorporate them into K-12 classrooms.

This month, the focus is on Microsoft PowerPoint, a popular application for creating presentations. Teacher candidate Steph Martyniuk proves that PowerPoint is more than just a regular slideshow application. Steph shows how to use PowerPoint as an interactive trivia style game for in-class activities.

Steph designed a game based on the popular Pokemon franchise. Using PowerPoint slides, visual effects and audio, her game attracts a lot of participants, having them test their knowledge by answering multiple choice questions and solving some puzzles. This approach could be used to assess comprehension and bring joy to a classroom activity.

Download her session handout for more information.


Our featured student this month is Steph Martyniuk.

Steph Martyniuk
Stephanie Martyniuk is a teacher candidate in the Secondary School Option, Art Cohort at UBC with an interest in multidisciplinary teaching. For the past 5 years Stephanie has taught overseas in South Korea as an ESL instructor, teacher, and administrator. Her games and activities have been shared and used by hundreds of ESL teachers from all over the world. When she is not studying Stephanie is reading, writing short stories, and thinking of other ways to incorporate active engagement into the classroom.