Mattermost Chat

Mattermost is an open source communication tool that facilitates communication and collaboration in a chat-type environment.



This technology could be used for course communication, discussion, collaboration, file-sharing, and work within groups. You can help us discover effective uses by joining our pilot.

Key Features

Screenshot of Mattermost chat interface

Screenshot of Mattermost chat interface

  • Open source and hosted at UBC
  • Create course “teams” for sharing messages and files
  • Public channels, private groups, and 1-1 direct messages
  • Real-time and asynchronous communication combined in an “anytime” environment
  • All messages are persistent and can be searched
  • Can be accessed via the web, desktop, or mobile app
  • Email, push, or desktop notifications can be configured

Pilot Status

Mattermost was selected, and has been piloted within the Faculty of Education since 2016. Learn more about the pilot in the One Year Update post on our blog.

In the past, a chat tool called BB IM was used to facilitate synchronous communication between course members. UBC chose not to renew this license, so a search was conducted for a replacement. An environmental scan and evaluation incorporated pedagogical, technological, usability, and accessibility requirements. Mattermost emerged as the strongest replacement, even better than BB IM in many ways.

If you are interested in trying Mattermost within a course or team, let us know and we will work with you on next steps. Your experience and feedback is especially valuable as we continue to evaluate this tool, and we appreciate your interest.