Kaltura is a video platform. Hosted at UBC, you or your students can upload, share or record videos inside Connect. It can be used in many places throughout a course, and videos can be used in multiple courses.


  • Video Testimonial – Kaltura Overview (3:00)
  • Special Project: Thanks to BCcampus for funding our Web Content Accessibility and Accessible Media projects. The Faculty of Education has been committed to providing accessible course materials since 2005. All the videos we produce for online and blended courses are captioned and accompanied with transcripts.
  • Special Project: Video-based content is used in courses to provide students with a different type of engagement. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) use videos as their main medium. Check out the Faculty of Education’s first MOOC on Reconciliation through Indigenous Education.

Key Features

Kaltura is a versatile tool with many benefits. These include:
  • Videos or audio files can be uploaded to Kaltura with the permission of the copyright holder.
  • Webcam video can be recorded using Kaltura with no required software. Everything can be done on the web.
  • Media can be added to most areas in Connect, including content, assignment feedback, and discussions.
  • The “My Media” gallery gives instructors the option to easily reuse media throughout Connect.
  • Ownership settings allow you to manage privacy and permission settings on your videos.
  • Media can be played back on any internet connection or device – Kaltura automatically adjusts to play smoothly.
  • Kaltura complies with ADA/508 accessibility standards.


All questions regarding this technology can be directed to ets.educ@ubc.ca or we can be contacted by phone at 604.822.6333, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.