Connect Grade Center

The Connect Grade Center is a powerful dashboard for all the marks in your course. Work can be categorized, weighted, and calculated all in one place. You decide what, if anything, students should see.

Key Features

The Connect Grade Center provides a way to enter, calculate, and share grades. Connect Assignments are directly linked to the Grade Center.
  • Enter marks manually, or connect them to assignment drop box grades.
  • Student assignments are accessed and assessed all in the same place. Instructors can download files, comment on them, and return them to students.
  • Rubrics can be created to make grading consistent and clear.
  • Due dates are linked to a course calendar. Late assignments can be accepted or not.
  • Export Grade Center entries to .csv format for import into the Faculty Service Centre.
  • View student information such as year level, major, and faculty.

Additional Resources


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