Connect Content

Connect is a robust platform for sharing and organizing content. You can upload files, organize them into folders, create sequentially-accessed modules, and embed from sites like YouTube. Connect Content is the best place to put materials you have created.


Key Features

Connect has a full-featured Content tool for file management and sharing.
  • Files can be uploaded, linked, and organized.
  • Folders and learning modules can make content easier to find and access.
  • External websites resources can be linked or embedded within content areas.
  • Content can be copied forward and reused in multiple courses.
  • Unlicensed copyrighted material can be added with the Library Course Reserves tool.
  • Permissions can be used to limit access however you would like. By default, only members of a course can view its content.
  • Connect is also used for non-credit purposes like sharing files within a group, committee, or department.


All questions regarding this technology can be directed to or we can be contacted by phone at 604.822.6333, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.