Connect Assignments

Connect Assignments can be used to create drop boxes for course work. Assignments are used to collect submissions, facilitate grading and feedback, and share marked submissions with students. Rubrics can also be applied.

Key Features

Connect Assignments have versatile options to enable effective and engaging work.
  • Assignment Drop Boxes allow students to attach files, write and format text, and provide comments.
  • Student submissions are accessed and assessed all in the same place. Instructors can download files, comment on them, and return them to students.
  • Rubrics can be created to make grading consistent and clear.
  • Due dates are communicated in a course calendar. Late assignments can be accepted or not.
  • Ownership settings allow you to manage privacy and permission settings on your videos.
  • Multiple submissions can be granted, allowing students to revise their work up until the deadline.
  • Group assignments are an option, allowing one submission to be shared for a group.

Additional Resources


All questions regarding this technology can be directed to or we can be contacted by phone at 604.822.6333, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.