Getting Started with Collaborate

Step 1: Create a session

There are two ways to create a Collaborate session:

    1. If you plan on using Collaborate for your course, you can create a Collaborate session directly within your Connect course shell. Here is a step-by-step video on how to do that:
    2. If you plan on using Collaborate for non-course related work (e.g., meetings, conferences, seminars), please send a request to the appropriate contact person in your unit, listed below. You will receive a confirmation email containing the session URL.
Unit Contact person
Dean’s Office Aisling Humphreys
ECPS Ailish Statham
LLED Angela MacDonald
NITEP Jessica La Rochelle
OGPR Lisa Altan
School of Kinesiology Tom Neville
TEO Rhea Ravanera

Step 2: Prepare for the session

Prior to your session, it is important to make sure you have properly configured the computer or that you are familiar with the equipment. There are a number of ways to attend a session and each participant may choose a different method to connect for the same session.

Select one of the methods below and find out how to prepare for the session.

Creative Commons licensed image courtesy of WatchcaddyEach member of the group attending the session may choose to attend the session individually via his or her own computer. This is the most flexible method because all the participants may join the session from different geographically locations.

When participating in a Collaborate session using a computer, make sure to use a headset with a microphone to ensure the best audio quality. Also, have all the participants (including yourself) complete the Collaborate checklist:

There may be times when it is necessary to attend a session physically together as a group. Scarfe 308A is outfitted with the necessary equipment for group attendance.

  • To request support in using the room's equipment, please contact
  • To book Scarfe 308A, please contact your departmental/unit office.


Collaborate mobile appIf you are unable to use a computer or be in Scarfe 308A for your session, you can access the session via your mobile device. First, download the Collaborate mobile app, then enter the URL of the testing room ( to make sure the app is working properly.

  • It is not recommended to present using via a mobile device.
  • Be sure to check your data connection settings. If you are using your cellular connection, the data used during the session will count towards your data plan. If possible, switch to wifi connection.

Step 3: Attend the session

On the day of the session, log into your Connect course or use the session URL (included in the confirmation email) to attend the session. If you experience any technical difficulties, contact Collaborate Tech support:


  • To familiarize yourself with the Collaborate environment, please take a look at this 5-minute introduction video to Collaborate: (Note, the video shows how to open a Collaborate session from a Connect course. You may wish to skip directly to the 0:55 time mark to see the Collaborate environment).
  • If you have any additional questions, or if you would like an in-depth orientation to Collaborate, please send an email to