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After editing a module page on Blackboard, you may not see the change straight away in the page itself. If you ever had the issue where the changes you added aren’t appearing, try reloading the frame. What it does is essentially refresh the page and update your edits. The Reload Frame option is available in most browsers but the location of the option may be slightly different depending on the browser you use. Below you will find instructions on how to reload your frame on three popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (There isn’t a direct ‘reload frame’ option on Safari, but there is a way around it).


Google Chrome

    1. Right-click anywhere on the module page within Connect
    2. Click on Reload Frame

Mozilla Firefox

    1. Right-click anywhere on the module page within Connect
    2. Click on This Frame > Reload Frame


    1. There isn’t really a ‘reload frame’ function on Safari hence we recommend using Firefox or Chrome. But if you have to use Safari, what you can do is clear the cache and then reload the page.
    2. Warning: This method will also clear any previous automatic logins to websites. You may have to log back into websites they you were previously logged into so if you have any forgotten login username and passwords, this method is not recommended and we recommend using Chrome and Firefox.
    3. To clear the cache, go to Safari > Preferences
    4. Click on the Privacy tab, and click Remove all Website Data


  1. Afterwards, Reload the page

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