Participation Summary in Connect Wikis

Looking to track an individual student’s activity in a group Wiki? The Participation Summary feature in Connect Wikis provides an editing history of the Wiki, allowing you to view user participation and contribution to the Wiki. You can start at a high level summary and narrow in on the changes that an individual student has made. Simply follow these steps:


1. Access Connect Wikis. Click Wikis in your course menu to access the tool if you already have the tool. For more information on how to add a Connect Wiki tool link to your course menu and how to create a Wiki, please refer to the following Connect Wiki Overview.



2. From within the Wikis page, select your preferred Wiki.




3. Access the Participation Summary. Find the Participation Summary button in the action bar, located on the right-most end of the Wiki page.




Note: If your Wiki is graded, the button on the right-most end of the action bar will appear as Participation and Grading rather than Participation Summary.


Participation and Grading


4. From the Participation Summary, you can see the number of words modified by the student and the relative percentage of words in the document they have modified. You can also see the number of page saves by the student and the percentage from the total of page saves from the class.




5. Click on an individual student’s name to see their editing history. You can see the date and time when the student made changes, as well as page comparisons showing you a detailed list of user’s modifications from one page version to the next. Click “Compare to Version 1” under User’s Modifications to view the changes made by the student.



Capture 3


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