Organize pages in your UBC Blog using Menus

Finished creating your main content pages? Using Menus, you can customize the look of your blog by creating headers and drop-down menus! Simply follow the instructions below.

Video Tutorial

(View Full Screen for best results)


  1. Log into your UBC Blog using your CWL username and password.
  2. In the Dashboard screen of your UBC Blog, select Appearance > Menus.
  3. Create your Menu. First name and create your menu e.g. Main Menu.
  4. Locate the Pages. Under Menus, you should be able to see a section titled Pages. These will only show the pages that you previously created and published on your site. If you have saved any pages as drafts, they will not be able to be added to your menus until published.  For more information how to create Pages, click here.
  5. Add pages into the navigation menu. Choose the pages you would like to add to the blog by checking the box next to them, and click Add to Menu. These pages will automatically be added to the bottom of the menu structure.
  6. Organize the pages. You can change the order of the pages by dragging the pages up and down the menu with your cursor.
  7. Add sub-navigation or drop down menus. You can also change the menu structure and create drop-down menus by sliding some pages to the right.
  8. Save the Menu. Click Save Menu at the bottom of the page.

There you go!

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