Media Production Showcase

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Our Media Production Showcase was an opportunity for faculty, staff and even students to see the types of media production that are available for teaching. In our inaugural year of 2017, we held two showcases, one with ETS and AV services, and another with UBC Studios. Participants had an opportunity to learn about how best to implement the different types of media production available, as well as try them out to see them in action. We definitely enjoyed hosting our inaugural event, and we are looking forward to hosting another Media Production Showcase next year!

Info on the DIY options and Supported options showcased

DIY options

Supported options

These options can be requested through this form.

  • AV: Mevo (live streaming)
  • AV: MediaSite (lecture capture)
  • AV: Catchbox (throwable microphone)
  • Studios: video production for educational content

If you are unsure of anything, please send us an email ( and we can help you get started or direct you to the right person.

Click to view our event photos on October 10, 2017