Kathryn Shoemaker Illustrates the Possibilities of Online Curriculum


Kathryn presents illustrative techniques to her online class.

Kathryn Shoemaker is the illustrator of over forty books for children and the author of four books for teachers. She has broad experience as an art teacher, curriculum specialist, filmmaker, and as an exhibit/display/event designer, and she is a current instructor in the Faculty of Education at UBC.

In the online course LLED 446 “Teaching with Illustrated Materials, K-12: From Picture Books to Information texts”, Kathryn explores the use of illustrated children’s materials in k-12 classrooms and ways illustrated materials support the instructional goals in K-12. To put a personal touch on this online course, Kathryn worked with ETS and produced a video series on various techniques, such as illustrating with pencil & ink, making scary pictures, using watercolour and gouache, and creating collages. Through these videos, her online students can develop a deeper understanding of the topic and feel a closer connection with Kathryn.

Kathryn has reimagined the way to deliver her teachings and successfully created an engaging and creative curriculum for her online students. This multi-media course has allowed Kathie to truly illustrate her point.

View the playlist of Kathryn’s videos on our ETS YouTube Channel!