Course Development Process


The Course Development and Revision Process Guide provides information to course writers who are developing, or instructors who are teaching, fully online or blended courses for the Faculty of Education (supported by Professional Development & Community Engagement).

The goal of the course development team is to create dynamic learning environments that are responsive to student needs. Courses can be offered in various flexible delivery models that use a blend of instructional methods to bring Faculty of Education (FoE) programs and courses to students. Generally they are part of two major categories:

  1. Fully online: This model gives students the greatest freedom to choose when, where, and how they wish to study. Learning can take place wherever students have Internet access via a computer or a mobile device. There are often weekly scheduled learning activities or assignments in which the students may complete individually or in groups. Online courses require a significant amount of reading, writing, reflection, and completion of activities and assignments. It is important to keep in mind that learning at a distance requires self-discipline, persistence, time management and organizational skills.
    The fully online course is delivered via the Learning Management System (LMS). UBC currently uses the Blackboard Learning Management System and has branded it as Connect. Connect offers a variety of tools:

      • Communication tools such as discussion forum, blog, wiki, and real-time web conference.
      • Instructional tools such as embedded videos, online library reserves, quiz and assignment submission, and learning journals.
      • Administration tools such as grade-book, announcement, and group sign-up.


  2. Blended (also called mixed-mode or hybrid): This model uses a combination of online and classroom space. Every UBC credit course now automatically has a space on the LMS, which means teaching and learning can be extended beyond the scheduled classroom hours by utilizing some of the online tools mentioned above.

Additional information:

Please check the list of online courses or cohort programs supported by and offered through the PDCE office.