Technology in Transit — Games and Learning

Technology in Transit is a monthly event organized by Educational Technology Support (ETS) office for students in the Faculty of Education to showcase their learning technologies. The purpose of this one-hour session is to raise awareness of different technologies and to show how to incorporate them into classrooms.

This month, Sagar Sandhu, a teacher candidate in the TELL-3C cohort demonstrated how games help children to develop memory capacity, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.

The web game that he introduced is called “Short a Cat Food” from In this game, Roly the cat loves eating cat food. Players need to feed him by completing solving puzzles and finding letters to form a correct answer. This game aims to promote phonemic awareness by helping children from kindergarten to grade 2 to learn the sound of consonant letters, letter combination and word parts.

More information is available on the session handout.

If you want to host a Technology in Transit session and promote a learning technology, please contact the ETS office by email at or by phone at 604-822-6333.


Sagar Sandhu
Sagar Sandhu is a teacher candidate in the TELL-3C cohort. As teacher candidate I want to learn about the different technologies I can integrate into the classroom setting. As technology is permeating all aspects of modern life and modern learning I would like to explore as a teacher candidate how I can effectively incorporate this into my practice.