Smart Views in the Connect Grade Center

For instructors teaching courses with large numbers of students, it is a recurring complaint that the Grade Center has far too many columns and rows for them to navigate it easily. However, the complex Grade Center can be simplified by creating Smart Views.

Smart Views allow you to take a focused look at specific sections of the Grade Center. From viewing the progress of an existing group to an individual student’s performance, these highly flexible views are ideal to compress the confusing Grade Center into easy-to-understand views.

Video Tutorial

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  1. Access the Full Grade Center from Course Management menu on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click on Manage in the action bar.
  3. Select Smart Views from the contextual menu.
  4. Click on Create Smart View.
  5. Enter the relevant information and description in the Create Smart View page.
  6. Select Add as Favourite if you would like to display the Smart view as a link in the Control Panel for quick access later on.
  7. Select the Smart View Criteria, depending on what you would like to do with the Smart View. Although there are multiple uses for this tool, one great way that it can be used is to track students who may be struggling with assignments and tests.
  8. To track students, choose the assignment that you would like to focus on e.g. Paper 1, as well your preferred Condition (e.g. less than or equal to) and a value (e.g. 50%).
  9. In Filter Results, choose the columns that you would like to display from the Grade Center e.g. Paper 1. This would create a Smart vView showing students who achieved less than or equal to 50% in Paper 1, based on their results in the Grade Center.
  10. Click Submit to save your changes.

Extra tip: You can view Smart Views from two locations: the Smart Views page or from the Grade center favourites.

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