Program Analysis

Program analysis is an ongoing and iterative process, especially in times of implementing innovations and changes. The ADDIE (Analysis – Design – Development – Implementation – Evaluation) framework is the model ETS uses to maintain the quality of the programs and courses it supports.




In the Analysis phase, ETS works with program advisors and content experts to clarify the instructional objectives and to identify possible challenges. An environmental scan is conducted on current practices, learner characteristics, and available technologies.

Some questions that are addressed include:

  • Who are the students?
  • What kinds of new interactions would enhance the learning experience?
  • What is gained or lost in relation to the proposed changes?
  • How ready is an instructor to change their practice? How ready is the administrative staff to support these changes? What can be done to help the transition?


The Design phase focuses on creating a blueprint of the program and support structure, as well as identifying and securing the required resources.

In this phase, ETS:

  • Aligns instructional strategies with learning outcomes in cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains
  • Designs the student learning experience, creates a prototype, and determines the logistics and cost of implementation
  • Develops a visual design template for the selected media


In the Development phase, ETS and the program advisor/content expert construct the learning environment based on the blueprint created in the Design phase. Throughout the process, procedures are tested and modifications are made based on the limitations and opportunities of each choice. The project is reviewed and revised according to feedback before proceeding to the next phase.


In the Implementation phase, training is provided to students, instructors, and support staff; information on best practices is gathered; and troubleshooting and feedback are provided.


The final phase, the Evaluation phase, ETS converses with instructors, administrators, and students to determine how the program can be further improved. Furthermore, a long term cost-benefit analysis may be conducted.

To learn more about designing or reviewing your course, please contact our Instructional Design team, or come to our Course Design Consultation Drop-In Session on Thursdays at 12pm.