Few Additional Steps

Open the course to students

The instructor is responsible for making sure the online course is ready before the start of the term, such as checking for broken links, setting assignment due dates, adding calendar entries, and updating course information. Instructional and technical assistance is available to all instructors at any time during the course development process, as well as during course delivery. Please send your inquiries to ets.educ@ubc.ca.

Course Revisions

The final part of the course development process is the course revision and it is completed after the course has been offered for the first time. Revisions are based on student feedback and the instructor’s own opinion on how to improve the quality of the course. Revisions may include making minor editorial changes and fixing broken links.

Instructor who taught the course will be making the revisions. In the case where the course writer is different from the course instructor, the remuneration for making the revisions (as outlined in the Course Development Plan) will be payable to the course instructor.

Final comments on the course development process

When thinking about your course, consider what you would like your students to do and to achieve. The instructional designers will utilize various technologies to make your ideas a reality in your online course. Contact ETS at any time if you need suggestions on how educational technology (such as blogs, wikis, web conferences) can be incorporated into your course.

Think broadly and creatively!