Creating Content in Connect

Session Information:

Note: This workshop is currently being offered on demand. Please contact us at or 604-822-6333 to arrange a session for your group or department, or to schedule one-on-one tutorial.
Location: Scarfe 1008

Event Description:

Curious about how to create content in Connect? Learn about the options, and how you can organize your lessons so that students can easily find what they need.

This session will provide a brief review of Connect basics, such as logging in, accessing the course, and opening the course using the Instructor Help menu. The workshop will then explore a student’s point of view of a demo course with different kinds of content—-including items, files, folders, learning modules, and mashups—-and cover which types of content are best for what situations, while giving a practical how-to for each content type. There will be a question and discussion session, and an overview of our other LMS workshops, at the end.