Course Revision Proposal Form

Proposed course revisions must be submitted at least two terms ahead of the offering e.g. if the course is to be offered in Sept 2016, the proposal must be submitted before Jan 2016.

  • Before submitting your proposal, you must obtain approval from your Department Head. For Faculty-wide programs (MET, ECE), you will receive a confirmation of approval from a Program Director upon submission.


  • (This can be the sub-theme or specific focus of the course, and does not need to match the UBC Calendar course title.)
  • Indicate the total number of seats to be opened for this course, if known.


    Please provide as much detail as you can to each of the following aspects of the course. If this is a revision of an existing online course, please describe the proposed revisions, the scope of work and expected improvements.
  • For example: academic strategic priority, addressing specific need in the field, pre-requisite course for program admission, required course for an MEd cohort, testing the market, etc.
  • Identify the target audience for this program e.g. teachers, ECE, math teachers, french immersion teachers, administrators, etc.
  • Include required textbooks and special requirements (e.g. textiles kit). Do not include digital resources that are available through the Library Course Reserves system.
  • Describe how this course will be delivered. For example, the number of f2f classes, the number of online sessions using Collaborate or other web conferencing system, fully online (asynchronous), lecture capture etc.
  • Briefly describe the required assignments.
  • If you anticipate the need for media development, please describe what kind of support you may need. For example:
    - graphics or animations
    - video welcome message (no support needed)
    - 5 min video introduction to the course (can record on my own, but need support for editing)
    - 10 45-60 min video lectures (need full support for recording and editing), etc.
  • e.g. Assignment 1: 10%, Assignment 2: 30% and so on.
  • Please download a budget template, complete it for the proposed revision, and submit here. For clarification about the budget form, please contact Assistant Dean, PDCE.
    If you are submitting a proposal for a Faculty-wide course, please disregard this section.
    Accepted file types: xlsx, xls.