Connected Learning Hackathon

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Organized by UBC’s Faculty of Education, the HR MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Educators are central to redesigning education for the connected age. Join the movement to make learning more powerful, relevant, and connected.


Come to the hackathon to collectively build informal learning activities that are competency based and help students build a personal learning network. We will create activities that are focused on preparing students for a career in the sciences. Some activities may turn out to directly address the curricular competencies outlined in the new BC curriculum. The activities created at the hackathon will be licensed under creative commons so educators could incorporate the activities in their classrooms.
Participants at the hackathon will be offered a $200 honorarium each, for their full engagement to create and provide feedback to one another.


If you are an educator working with youths between 17-24, a curriculum developer focusing on grades 11/12 and undergraduate studies, a highschool counsellor, or a career counsellor, we want you to come with your expertise and energy!

Photo by IDM and licensed by CC by 2.0


March 4, 11, 25 from 9:30 – 2:30PM. Lunch is catered.


TELUS Science World

How to participate:

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Project Background Information

The hackathon is part of the Sky, Water, Earth initiative. The project engages youths aged 17-24 to explore new possibilities in their learning and prepare for future careers in the sciences in practical ways.

Using criteria outlined by professional science communities in Canada, this connected learning initiative aims to reshape the learning process by empowering students to approach their education in an active and meaningful way. Sky, Water, Earth will encourage youths to follow their passion and will reward their dedication with unique real-life opportunities, bringing forward-thinking students closer to success in their academic and professional careers.

Please contact with any questions or if you are interested in learning more about Sky, Water, Earth. We look forward to hearing from you!

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