Changing Student Role in Connect Discussion Forums

Having students post to the discussion forum as a course assignment is a great way to engage students with course materials and with each other. To control how and when students may submit their assignment, one method of limiting posting could be to edit the ‘display until’ date so that the student cannot make late posts. However, this would also mean that students can no longer go back and reference these discussion forums throughout the course duration.
Instead, changing the student role to ‘reader’ means that the student can still see the posts in the Discussion thread, but can not write any new posts. This will allow you to control how long students may contribute to the discussion, but also allow them to come back and view the discussion at a later time.


1. Log into Connect with your CWL and Password and chooses your preferred course from the Course List module.

Demo Course 1

2. Enter the Discussion Board. From your left-hand side course menu, select Discussions.

Number 1

3. From within your Discussion Board area, hover over the title of the forum that you wish to edit. Click on the grey down-arrow that appears next to the title and select Manage.

Number 2

Number 2


4. Edit the user role. On the left hand side of the user list, click the boxes beside the users that you wish to edit. Select Edit Role at the top of the list, and select Reader from the drop down menu.

Number 4

Number 4


6. You can review the roles of your forum users on the far right side of the list.

Number 5


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