App of the Month: When2Meet

When2meet logo

June 2017’s App is When2Meet

What is it?

When2Meet is a free webapp by 8 degrees, LLC that allows you schedule group meetings with anyone.

Why this app?

When2Meet is straightforward, compact and available at no cost.

How does it work?

  • Type in the Event name
  • Choose the potential dates on the calendar for the event, or use the general ‘Days of the week’ for the survey
  • Choose the range of times for the event
  • Click on Create event to formulate the page and link
  • Sign in with your name to add in your availability to the schedule
  • *Optional – add in a password so that you can edit your availability later with the same name
  • Share the link through social media or email
  • Wait for them to fill up, and find the best time for the meeting!
  • The times that works best for most wil be highlighted in green on the schedule. The more saturated the colour, the more people are available in that time slot.
  • Hover your mouse over the time slots to see the names of who are listed as available or unavailable.

How is it used?

Use When2Meet to schedule any group meeting, especially ones that are difficult to coordinate. The larger the group, the more useful the app is.

  • If you want to schedule a meeting with 10 other people, send out a When2Meet survey to find what the best time slot is rather than coordinate over a group chat or asking individually.
  • Want a visual reference on how to use When2Meet? Check out the video by 8 degrees, LLC at their official YouTube video

What next?

Try using When2Meet to schedule online meetings as well, such as Skype calls. We recommend specifying the timezone on the event title as well as in sending invitation link if you are expecting an international meeting.

What do you think?

Tell us if you like this app, or if you don’t, tell us what app you use instead. Or figured out another way of integrating the app into learning? Tweet us @UBC_ETS! We’d love to hear from you.