App of the Month – Photomath

The App for December is Photomath.

Photomath logoPhotomath logo

What is it?

Photomath is an excellent tool for learning math. The app allows you to scan math problems with your phone’s camera, then immediately returns the answer to the problem as well as the the steps taken to achieve the answer. The app can handle a wide range of equations; even including calculus and trigonometry. The app will also produce visual graphs for elementary functions. Try this app out, and you will be astonished by its lightning quick responses and its comprehensiveness.

Why this app?

This app can help students learn the process required in reaching a math problem’s solution. A student can use this app to check their work, and if they got the answer wrong, see which step is required to achieve the correct answer. Teachers can also use this app to build solutions to problems as well as help students understand the math behind a problem better. The app is incredibly easy to use while being incredibly powerful.

How does it work?

  1. Download the Photomath app on Apple or Google Play.
  2. Scan a math problem written on paper.
  3. Edit the equation if needed by tapping the pencil icon.
  4. Tap the red box to see the steps taken to achieve the answer.
  5. View the notebook to see your previous equations scanned.

An overview of Photomath:

What next?

Have your students work through the problems, then use this app to check their work! When you are away, and when they are at home, they can use this as a learning tool to learn when you are unavailable. You can download the Photomath mobile app at: (Apple, Google Play)
Encourage your students to create a study set and share it with their classmates!

What do you think?

Tell us if you like this app, or if you don’t, tell us what app you use instead. Figured out another way of integrating the app into learning? Tweet us @UBC_ETS! We’d love to hear from you.